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We are a team of skilled, experienced and certified cloud experts. Each of us is passionate about cloud initiatives and being part of its innovating dynamic environment. We would love to take a look at your projects and help you develop them.


Our Team has a proven track record of designing and implementing data infrastructures, IVRs, computer networking and security compliance for companies ranging from early stage startups to enterprise level corporations.


There is no better expert of your business than you. This is something we realize and offer our expertise so you can make your vision a reality fast and with little upfront expense.

About Cloud7

Cloud7 presents a team of skilled, experienced and certified cloud experts who are eager to join a variety of projects ranging from Data Engineering, Network Infrastructure and Security to Analytics and Visualization, IVR Systems and everything in between. Cloud7 offers its services to companies of any size: from early startups to publicly traded enterprises.


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Our services

Our cloud solutions will help make your company more productive, no matter how big or small your business is.

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IVR Systems

Whether you are a small business needing a phone system to provide your customers with a dynamic personalized experience or an enterprise level call center serving thousands of callers every day, our team has the necessary expertise to provide your business with an IVR solution that fits your specific situation.

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Big Data

Big Data can be intimidating with its high demand for skilled and costly personnel. Its design and support along with a substantial capital expense can be overwhelming. Our team has all the expertise to satisfy your company’s data needs in virtually any scenario.

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Cloud Infrastructure and Security Compliance

Cloud infrastructure and security has many layers and challenges in a world where connectivity to the enterprise is becoming the norm and the cloud is being redefined as the backbone of the enterprise.

Data Migration

Migrating on-premises data architecture to the cloud may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if it is actively used and has to be moved with minimal to no interruption. Our team will evaluate your specific situation and will work closely with your company’s counterparts to make the migration go es as smoothly as possible, maximizing your economic benefits.

Analytics and Visualization

What’s the value of your data if you cannot gain insight into it? Our team of certified BI experts will find the best way to extract valuable information from the available data and present it in the most convenient and understandable way.

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Data Management

Data Governance, Data Hygiene, Data Storage, Metadata Management, Data Integration, Data Modeling and Data Security are a few aspects of Data Management. The cost to cover all those aspects by on-premises specialists will certainly add up. Another way would be to allow our team to take care of the entire spectrum of Data Management and avoid major financial commitments.

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