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Our cloud solutions will help make your company more productive, no matter how big or small your business is.

Data Engineering

Data engineering doesn’t have to be complicated. From data management and cloud migration to data-driven design and architecture, the engineers at Cloud7 develop secure, best-in-class solutions tailored to the exact requirements of your organization.

Whether you’re looking to integrate and share data with external partners or need help securely migrating on-premises data to the cloud, our data engineering specialists got you covered.

Data Analytics & Visualization

What’s the value of your data if you cannot gain insight into it? Our team of certified BI experts will find the best way to extract valuable information from the available data and present it in the most convenient and understandable way.

Network Security & Infrastructure

With more businesses going global every day it becomes increasingly important to be compliant with a wide variety of data security requirements. Let our team evaluate your current data and make sure it is fully compliant with the necessary industry and international standards

About Cloud7

Cloud7 is a Los Angeles-based IT firm providing clients across the country/globe with expert-level assistance in data engineering, network infrastructure, and more. Our core team of AWS-, Cisco-, or Tableau-certified cloud specialists works with publicly traded enterprises, bootstrapped early-stage startups, and everything in between.


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Blog & Articles

How to deploy aws lambda

How to Deploy AWS Lambda over 250MB in Size with Serverless

AWS Lambda is a great serverless solution by itself and together with Serverless, it is easy to develop and deploy cloud applications. Lambda is great but not perfect as it comes with its own set of limitations. One of which is size – the total size of the deployed unzipped package cannot exceed 250MB. 

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Tableau hierarchy

Tableau Hierarchy – the Better Way

A hierarchy feature can make your data well structured and let your users intuitively interact with it. Nothing can’t compare to a great usability and overall UX, however, the native implementation of the hierarchy feature in Tableau doesn’t really help with that. In fact, your users will have to find that minute “plus” sign on the corner of the table before they can see the result. That might not sound as bad for people familiar with the feature but for the rest this means poor user experience. Does this mean you should give up on hierarchy? Not at all! You just need to make the use of it intuitive. Let’s give it a shot!

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In recent times, artificial intelligence has taken the field of healthcare by storm with its precise diagnostic skills in deploying more detailed, resourceful, and impactful interventions in patient’s care. There has been talks of AI doctors ousting human physicians in the future, this is highly unlikely but what would rather play out is AI doctors providing quality help to assist physicians in making better clinical decisions or even take charge of some decision in certain critical healthcare fields like radiology.

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